CJP 3662 3

Year 11

Please refer to the school website and Facebook pages throughout the year for updates on exams, trips and other school events for Year 11 pupils.

Monday 4th September

Inset (school closed to pupils)

Tuesday 5th September

Year 11 10.45am start time

19th – 20th September

Year 11 Cambridge University trip

Thursday 21st September

School finishes at 2.15pm

Open Evening 4.30pm – 7.30pm

Monday 2nd October

Inset (school closed to pupils)

Thursday 5th October

X-Factor contest

9th – 13th October

Year 11 GCSE PE practical exams

Thursday 19th October

Year 11 Parents’ Evening 4pm – 7pm

23rd – 27th October

Half term holiday

30th October – 9thNovember

Year 11 GCSE mock exams 1

13th – 17th November

Year 11 GCSE food practical exams

20th November – 1st December

Year 11 MFL mock speaking exams

Thursday 16th November

Awards Evening, Victoria Hall 6pm – 8pm

Tuesday 19th December

Christmas Concert – 7.30pm

Thursday 21st December

Year 11 Autumn Term Report issued

22nd December – 5th January

Christmas holiday

Monday 8th January

Spring term start date

Tuesday 16th January

Year 11 GCSE PE practical exams

22nd – 23rd January

Year 11 English, maths and science masterclasses

24th January – 2nd February

Year 11 GCSE mock exams 2

Tuesday 6th February

Year 11 GCSE PE practical exams

13th – 16th February

Year 11 GCSE food practical exams

19th February – 23rd February

Half term holiday

26th March – 6th April

Easter holiday

Monday 9th April

Summer term start date

9th – 12th April

Year 11 GCSE Art exams

Friday 13th April

Year 11 Spring Term Report issued

Monday 13th April

Year 11 Macbeth performance 1.30pm

Monday 7th May

Bank holiday (school closed)

Monday 14th May

Year 11 GCSE Exam prep classes start, 8am

14th May – 22nd June TBC

Year 11 GCSE exams

28th May – 1st June

Half term holiday

Wednesday 27th June

Year 11 Prom